09 Ethical Link Building Strategies in 2021

Link Building Strategies


According to Google, quality backlinks remain one of the top three ranking factors, along with content and mobile optimisation.

Businesses and agencies who want to rank for keywords cannot afford to ignore building backlinks by various ethical strategies. 

According to Google, quality backlinks remain one of the top three ranking factors, along with content and mobile optimisation.

If you want to move up your search rankings, the only way is to acquire a lot of high authority links to your site.

This is pretty much clear now!

SEOs are always looking to find new and innovative ways (apart from the set best practices) to build backlinks. Everyone has a new take on what they feel will work or not. However, one thing is certain, using Black Hat strategies to build links is something, which might get brands, agencies, and SEOs into trouble. Remember Google is smart and it is not 2011 anymore.

In this article, we are going to look at 9 ethical link building strategies in 2021. Before we get to the list of strategies, let us first look at why link building is important. 

We have already mentioned how backlinks are important for ranking on the search for specific keywords. However, if done right, link building can help in the following ways also- 

  • Driving traffic from a high-volume site (where your link is placed) to your own website, landing page, or social media profiles. 
  • Having your brand backlinks in high-authority platforms also helps in raising your own brand credibility and exposure. 
  • It is also important to note that building backlinks in the right manner can help in effective lead generation for a brand campaign. 
  • According to many experts, successful link building strategies can automatically boost organic visibility and exposure as Google starts helping. 
  • At the end of the day, all the above combine to help a brand improve sales and generate revenues. In other words, set up a profitable business online. 

For many SEOs, Content and Link Building is what comprises the entire discipline. While this may be a narrow understanding, if done right, it can be successful in garnering the maximum results.

There are many times, where people are going to list your website on a ‘best type article. They might be writing the article on behalf of their client, but would want to list down the competitors. 

This is a great opportunity to use a social listening tool and reach out to the publisher or platform. Connect with them, build relationships, and ask them to give you a link back to your website. Try to use live links, create a personalized email, and get your link. 

2. Create Stats-

This is one of the best ways to create organic links if you don’t want to spend money on link building. Creating stats makes the information more valuable. Businesses love linking to accurate stats as it helps in credibility. For example, Marketing Lad is a new business and recently got 8 do-follow backlinks. Now, you can keep the stats like this:

According to Marketing Lad, For every new website if you get 8 good authority do-follow links then your Domain Rating could go up to 15 ( Now anyone who finds this useful for their visitors will choose this stats and also might link to the site for the reference.)
This is an example of creating stats and you could do it in your niche while stressing more on research.

3. Quality Guest Posting- 

High-quality guest posting powered by quality content can go a long way in building backlinks. However, brands and SEOs need to remember that poor quality content, just for the sake of building backlinks is a strict no-no in Google’s eyes. 

If the intent is to create quality backlinks, the aim should be to create long-format, SEO-optimized, and well-researched articles. This will make it very difficult for any publisher to say no.

4. Journalistic Content Creation- 

According to experts, one of the most innovative new strategies for building backlinks has become creating journalistic content. This means that you take up a trending issue and use online resources available to create a stellar piece of content. 

Take quotes from industry authority figures. Promote the content on social media. Once people find you have published something, they will be interested in giving you the link and sharing the same on platforms. 

Many of you might get up from your seats and start shouting ‘No-Follow Links’. You will be right, but there are some things, you need to consider. Google is very ambiguous when it comes to building no-follow backlinks on high-quality industry authority sites. 

Many SEOs follow a well-defined strategy to place backlinks and drive traffic from such platforms to their desired pages. This means you should actively pursue a content strategy on Quora, Medium, Reddit, and other similar review platforms. 

6. Creating Infographics- 

Many SEOs have started experimenting with quality infographics in recent years. They point out that many people prefer to go through a well explained and informative infographic rather than read through two or three thousand words. 

An infographic driven backlink building strategy has to be complemented by a proper email marketing strategy. You need to identify publishers who are creating content on the same lines and request them to use the infographic by giving you a backlink. 

7. Roundup Game-

It is one of the proven strategies and many SME’s have build tons of backlinks by creating round-up posts. You can simply interview with an influencer and people will start linking to your interview page. Isn’t it a cool strategy to build some quick links?

8. Create Useful Guides-

Start creating long-form content, Google prefers long-form content as compared to short articles. You can create a guide that has complete information about the topic and people will start linking to that guide


Broken link strategy can effectively increase your link count, if done properly and consistently. Simply audit your competitors’ sites and then find the broken link opportunities. There are many SEO tools that could help in finding the broken link opportunities such as Ahrefs, Moz, Semrush and so on. Reach out to their site admins and suggest some resource and ask for a link.

Here is the simple and effective email template-

Broken Link Email Template

See the response below-

Broken Link Email response

Usually, it requires some efforts to finding the opportunities and reaching out to the site admins. It is worth spending the time on this.


There are literally tons of other ways and it depends on how could you think of being a creative marketer. It is true that link building is evolving and the security checks by Google are increasing. While being innovative, you need to ensure that your content is original (not plagiarised) and SEO optimized. Once you start creating and publishing valuable information, you will automatically see a boost in your organic link building.  At Marketing Lad, we have experience in SEO and If you find these practices overwhelming, our experts will help you conduct link profile analysis and build backlinks to strengthen your domain rating.

Are you an SEO who wants to add to the list of ethical link building strategies? Share them with us in the comments section below and help improve the community.

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