Is Link Exchange Good or Bad for SEO in 2022?

Is link exchange good or bad

Link exchange is a deal between two or more websites to give links or trade them with each other. For example, Website A gives a link to Website B and In return, Website B gives a link back to Website A. People name it as reciprocal links, link exchanges, link swaps. Brands do these exchanges to generate links quickly and boost their authority, improve rankings and so on. 

Now you may think,

is this a good or bad.

Generally speaking, there is no good or bad in link exchanges. Being in a link-building industry, we have seen big brands do link exchanges and brands that use other strategies for building links. Just keep in mind, you can simply build great authority and traffic to your site if done right. 

We as an agency keep this tactic under grey hat SEO. There are agencies that use this type of tactics and to be honest they have been never penalised by Search Engines. I am saying this because of my experience working with such agencies.

We are not promoting link exchange tactics because on the other hand Google clearly is not happy with link exchanges. Google prefers a natural and earned link. If you are thinking we have not seen a single site that was penalised, how about there is always the first time and that can happen with your site. Since Google is a machine, you can take benefit of that and do exchanges until you are not doing it publicly and reciprocal links are very common.

When Should You Do Exchanges

You can do link exchanges if you have multiple sites that way it could be tricky for search engines to figure out the exchanges. To be honest, you can do exchanges to some extent overdo is always bad and could lead you to penalties. Always go with relevancy and not just with sites that are completely outside of your niche.

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